Art Journal

Nobody is just one thing. I’m an artist, a musician and a punk monk with GOHOP. I have also been a pastor with The Commons, an outreachworker with RE-create , and a youth coach & manager with the Living Rock. I’m also a son, a husband and a dad. None of us are just one thing.

Even God in the Christian faith is represented in trinity as:

  1. God the Father (Parent, Mother, Creator…)
  2. God the Son (Jesus, Messiah…)
  3. God the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost, Councilor, Spirit of Peace…)

Over the next while I’m going to be working to try and embrace more of my multifaceted identity online. Often we divide ourselves up online because we are scared that our whole self will be offensive to our diverse networks. We don’t want to offend so we zero in on a single segment of ourselves that we feel is most broadly relatable.

This self editing is exhausting so I’m intentionally going to let the lines blur by drawing in an art journal about what is happening in my life. A drawing can be more widely interpreted than my own personal experience so it is specific to me but open enough to be received by a diverse audience.

If one of these post fits with your experience that is wonderful, if you see something totally different than what I intended, that is also wonderful.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. Feel free to click on the images below or follow along in Facebook or Instagram.