LAST SEASON: I’m getting out of the t-shirt business!

This is the last season I’ll be selling T-shirts. If you would like to get one before they are gone come find me at the Makers’ Market on June 14th, Aug 9th, Sept 13th-15th, or Dec 6th-7th. I won’t be printing any more so what I have is what I have. Come early if there is a specific size or design you are looking for. Check out the Facebook Page for Makers Market for more details about the shows.

I’ve been designing t-shirts inspired by Hamilton since 2013. It all started with the Ivor Wynne shirt I made with Jen Kellner Benton. It was fun celebrating our city (and poking fun at how it was changing). For me it has always been more about making art than the business side of things. Somewhere along the way the business of making shirts got in the way of me being creative and making new pieces of art. That has changed this year and I have been focusing on my painting again. With that change happening, this will be my last Makers’ Market Season selling T-shirts. Come find me at Friday’s Art Crawl from 7-10pm in front of Christ’s Church Cathedral. If you own one of my shirts, wear it to show off how long you have been a “Hamilton Fan.” If you don’t have one of my shirts (or your old one is getting a little too worn) come out and get a shirt before they are gone. See you Friday.

What I’m up to right now

Thanks for visiting my site. I’m in the process of updating my website. I know it is terribly out of date, but I do have my hand in a number of creative things.

I’m selling T-shirts, Posters, and Hats at the Art Crawl Makers Market on June 14th, August 9th and September 13th, 14th and 15th. Check out their facebook page for all the details:

I have an experimental electronic music project with my 14 year old son called Dad vs Son. We have a lot of music posted that you can download for PWYC (aka Free) on:

BIO: Some dads and sons spend time together by tossing around a baseball, “Dad vs Son” bonds over a battle of sound. This father/son duo from Hamilton Ontario creates improvised experimental electronic music all in real time with no pre-recorded loops or samples.

I’m back to painting. I’m working towards a show of new work later in the year. The new work deals with ideas of memory and how found materials have a history of their own. Feel free to follow me on Instagram to see some of the works in progress:


$10 T-shirt SALE – May Art Crawl

T-shirt Sale copy
Randell Neudorf is kicking off his first Makers’ Makert night of the season with a big T-shirt Sale of designs that are being discontinued or revamped to make room for some new creations.

Art Crawl – Friday, May, 12th, 2017, 7pm-10pm
Makers’ Market at Christ’s Church Cathedral
252 James St. North Hamilton Ontario


Battle of the Brushes 2016

dscf8026I had an amazing time at Battle of the Brushes 2016. The event was in support of RE-Create. RE-Create is an art studio for at risk youth in downtown Hamilton. I’m happy to say that I made it to round 2 and sold a painting.

Painting live is such a unique experience. Usually artists are locked away in their studio painting all alone and and after hours and hours of getting the piece just right it may get to be seen by others. When I paint at home I always let each layer or colour dry before starting the next. Live painting is a little strange in that you can’t wait for anything to dry, you are always working wet on wet with the colours blending and mixing at every brush stroke. Although that isn’t the way I usually like to paint it is a nice a challenge and the energy of the spectators is a nice trade off.

The painting is more of a performance then a finished static work, and you definitely feed off the energy of everyone in the room, which is a rare gift for any visual artist.


Photos by Matt Linzel

Super Crawl 2016

Randell Neudorf-P1020180
The biggest coolest event each year in Hamilton is Super Crawl! I’ll be selling posters and t-shirts at the Makers’ Market during this years Super Crawl (September 9, 10, 11). My booth will be in the front court yard of Christ’s Church Cathedral (252 James St. North). I’ll also have some paintings in a show called “Loop” at The Gasworks (141 Park St. North). Hope to see you at Super Crawl.

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