Yesterday I was enraged. Just livid. I wanted to unleash my righteous anger and to teach the offenders a lesson. As I was heading home to compose the most scathing of social media posts I was stopped. Luckily I don’t have data on my phone so I couldn’t instantly express my rage. As I was stomping off to the bus stop I turned on the podcast I downloaded.

Every Monday I listen in to the Sunday teaching from the Meeting House church. I use to tease meeting-housers (mostly in good fun but sometimes in jealousy) for being a mega church with a 1984 style talking head projected onto movie screens. A number of years ago I started listening to the sermons they post. 9 years ago I became a Mennonite and was looking for accessible voices from an Anabaptist perspective (the tribe of theology Mennonites are part of). The Meeting House fit the bill.

Fast forward to yesterday and I’m hearing Bruxy Cavey (a Meetinghouse teacher) talk about how social media has become a tool for “othering” and self righteousness. Feeling a little calmer I wrote a couple private emails to people and organizations directly and then I drew this picture in my art journal. I don’t want to be a person of rage (justice yes, rage no). I also don’t want to inspire rage and hate in people who disagree with me. I want to be full of grace & peace and be a person that is open to healthy conversations steeped in grace & peace.

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