Fundraising Plan

All GOHOP staff raise their own support. Here is my fundraising plan:

  • My goal is to raise $2710 a month. I am a big believer in being really upfront about money. That amount would allow me to work 25 hours a week for GOHOP at a rate of pay of $25/h.
  • If more money was raised, my rate of pay would not go up. Any extra money would go to ministry related expenses (like a computer that isn’t held together by duct tape). If a substantial amount of money came in above my goal, GOHOP would expand my hours and duties.
  • If less money was raised, I would start off with less hours and work to continue fundraising up to my goal. 25 hours is really the minimum amount of time needed for me to do my ministry well.
  • December 1st is my start date with GOHOP. Right now I’m using some vacation time from my last job to allow me to fundraise for this new job. There are a couple time sensitive duties (like the internship) that I have started, but GOHOP asks staff to focus primarily on their fundraising goals until they have raised what they need to live on.
  • Would you please pray and consider being part of my monthly financial support team? I really feel called to this new ministry with GOHOP so I’m trusting that God already has a specific support team in mind (but there are no hard feelings if it doesn’t feel like this is a good fit for you). It has been my experience that God likes to bring eclectic teams together so any amount that you feel led to give (large or small) is much appreciated.
  • “Monthly Giving Plans” are the most sustainable way for me to reach my monthly budget goals. That being said “One Time Donations” are also welcome if you feel so led.
  • Prayer support is key! I’m not working for the “Greater Ontario House of Donations” so if you feel called to be part of my support team through prayer please let me know.
  • Tapping Shoulders. We all have different networks. If you know someone who you think might want to learn about my ministry or be part of my support team please let them know about what I’m doing. I’m also happy to be a guest speaker at church gatherings, conferences, workshops and small groups.
  • Click Here to find out how to create a Monthly Giving Plan or make a Donation.

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