The Greater Ontario House of Prayer (GOHOP) is a local expression of 24-7 Prayer based in Hamilton. GOHOP is dedicated to prayer & discipleship through friendship & community and believes that,

“Those who give themselves to prayer and worship and communion with the living God often find that their prayers have legs, legs that take them out of the prayer room and into their neighbourhoods, cities and nations.”

As part of the world wide 24/7 Prayer movement, GOHOP has 3 beautiful core postures:

  1. Be AUTHENTIC: true to Jesus
  2. Be RELATIONAL: kind to others
  3. Be MISSIONAL: loyal to the gospel

These postures are lived out through 6 core practices:

  1. PRAYER & WORSHIP: Encountering God and prioritising time in God’s presence.
  2. CREATIVITY: Expressing praise and adoration in creative forms.
  3. HOSPITALITY: Demonstrating God’s welcome to everyone.
  4. JUSTICE:Caring passionately about those who need support, and meeting the needs of others.
  5. MISSION – Intentionally sharing Jesus in prayer and in action.
  6. LEARNING– Growing together in faith, knowledge and wisdom.

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