A Visual Guide To Prayer Walking

I sort of fell into the practice of prayer walking by accident. In the middle of the 2020 pandemic, prayer rooms and churches were closed. I found myself outside walking a lot more than usual and during those walks I started to pray.

A prayer walk is exactly what it sounds like. You get outside and pray as you walk around. There is a strange power when you connect your spiritual life to your body (in this case your feet). God is already up to some amazing things outside your door.

To help people learn that anything can spark a time of prayer when you are out walking I created a resource called “A Visual Guide to Prayer Walking.” It is a series of drawings and prayer prompts intended to help spark your own imagination as you are out prayer walking.

There is a 2 versions of the guide. The first one is sized to look really great on your phone. It is in full colour with a single drawing on each page. the second one is a printer friendly version in black and white that condenses all the info and drawings down to 4 pages.

Full Colour Smart Phone Version:

Black & White Printer Friendly Version:

Online Gallery:

You are welcome to look through the image gallery below and preview the entire resource online:

GOHOP Prayer Walking Resources:

Find more prayer walking resources in addition to “A Visual Guide To Prayer Walking” here: https://www.gohop.ca/virtual-walks