Hat 3: Asah Creativity & Prayer Studio

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Megan Little talking about Randell Neudorf’s work with Asah.

Asah: Creativity & Prayer Studio is a really exciting ministry hat that I get to share with Megan Little. “Asah” is the Hebrew word for “to make or bear fruit.” We thought that summed up the practice of combining art and prayer.

Asah workshops happen on the 4th Monday evening of the month at 7pm in the @gohophamont prayer room. Both Megan and I have Fine Art degrees and experiment with art in our own prayer practices. We started Asah because we felt like this was an experiment worth including others in.

We break the night up into two parts:

  • In our first hour we try out a spiritual practice (or a way of praying) that leans towards creativity. 
  • In our second hour we take an art practice that you might learn in a workshop or at art school and we bend it towards an act of prayer.

The workshops are free but as a GOHOP staff member I raise my own support (think of it as crowd funding). If you would like to contribute to my work at Asah, you can buy some art from my store or make a donation towards my ministry.

Keep the Hats on Fundraiser!