LAST SEASON: I’m getting out of the t-shirt business!

This is the last season I’ll be selling T-shirts. If you would like to get one before they are gone come find me at the Makers’ Market on June 14th, Aug 9th, Sept 13th-15th, or Dec 6th-7th. I won’t be printing any more so what I have is what I have. Come early if there is a specific size or design you are looking for. Check out the Facebook Page for Makers Market for more details about the shows.

I’ve been designing t-shirts inspired by Hamilton since 2013. It all started with the Ivor Wynne shirt I made with Jen Kellner Benton. It was fun celebrating our city (and poking fun at how it was changing). For me it has always been more about making art than the business side of things. Somewhere along the way the business of making shirts got in the way of me being creative and making new pieces of art. That has changed this year and I have been focusing on my painting again. With that change happening, this will be my last Makers’ Market Season selling T-shirts. Come find me at Friday’s Art Crawl from 7-10pm in front of Christ’s Church Cathedral. If you own one of my shirts, wear it to show off how long you have been a “Hamilton Fan.” If you don’t have one of my shirts (or your old one is getting a little too worn) come out and get a shirt before they are gone. See you Friday.