Hat 5: Guest Speaking

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“We invited Randell ‘The Punk Monk’ to speak to our church community during a series on Spiritual Practices. He brought such a unique, humorous, and relatable message to our group on how we can use our everyday walking around lives as prayer which invites transformation. The infusion of art with captivating storytelling was something that really captivated our people; and they still remember the stories and images many months later! We loved how this could be an intergenerational morning with the kids listening and learning along with the adults. Randell has a gift for relating to all ages through his art, stories and speaking style. Thanks for teaching us about prayer walks Randell, we will invite you back soon!”

~Stephen Cox, Lead Pastor of The Gathering Church.

I never teach about prayer without also leading people in a practical prayer experience. I feel like it is a wasted opportunity to have all those people in one place and just talk about something that has been so life changing for me without giving everyone else a chance to try it on for themselves.

This is not a side hustle for me, this is part of my core ministry. I do sometimes get paid a small honorarium (which is nice) but this is not a fee for service. Raising my own support at GOHOP allows me to work with churches who don’t have the budget to bring in a guest teacher. As a former pastor of a tiny Mennonite church plant it is really important to me to be able to bless churches with some help (regardless of their budget)

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