Hat 4: Prayer Room

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“I so enjoyed brainstorming, imagining, and praying alongside Randy in the weeks and months leading up to the 2022 TrueCity Prayer Room. As a ministry placement student, I always appreciated the hospitality GOHOP staff members would extend in inviting me into their areas of focus, and Randy did (and does!) this so well. I find his creativity in prayer to be contagious, and I saw this on full display during both the planning meetings and the eventual launch of the TrueCity Prayer Room. I specifically remember Randy encouraging me to run with an idea I had for one of the prayer stations, and this was the invitation I needed to realize I could contribute meaningfully to a ministry I didn’t think I was “creative enough” for. I appreciate that Randy recognized, affirmed, and encouraged the stewarding of what I could bring to this prayer room.”

Erin Steckley

“Randy has been very instrumental in the planning and execution of the last two TrueCity 24/7 Prayer rooms. His creativity and thoughtfulness have enabled us to mobilize prayer when we couldn’t meet together in person (employing online resources and creating a visual prayer-walking guide) in 2021. In 2022, these same gifts were employed to help us come back and pray in a physical prayer room at Wentworth Baptist Church. The prayer room bore his creative stamp (with a prayer labyrinth, 12 stations of the cross) and was the fruit of his collaborative organization. Among other things, the prayer room thoughtfully included a prayer exhibit that resembled a nursing station (created by GOHOP staff, Margie Stuart) and enabled pray-ers to pray for health care workers and for health concerns related to the pandemic.” 

Andy Groen, Director of GOHOP

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