Battle of the Brushes 2016

dscf8026I had an amazing time at Battle of the Brushes 2016. The event was in support of RE-Create. RE-Create is an art studio for at risk youth in downtown Hamilton. I’m happy to say that I made it to round 2 and sold a painting.

Painting live is such a unique experience. Usually artists are locked away in their studio painting all alone and and after hours and hours of getting the piece just right it may get to be seen by others. When I paint at home I always let each layer or colour dry before starting the next. Live painting is a little strange in that you can’t wait for anything to dry, you are always working wet on wet with the colours blending and mixing at every brush stroke. Although that isn’t the way I usually like to paint it is a nice a challenge and the energy of the spectators is a nice trade off.

The painting is more of a performance then a finished static work, and you definitely feed off the energy of everyone in the room, which is a rare gift for any visual artist.


Photos by Matt Linzel